The Sked-Evac tripod can be extended up to ten meters.
There are three anchors with additional attachment eyes available.
Each of the anchors is red anodized for easy identification and positioned equally for easy folding of the tripod.
The anchors, head and legs are assembled with stainless steel screws for maximum strength.
The head section provides enough space for a good leg removal that when fully extended the patients would be fully recovered from the hole in a stretcher.
It is recommended not to exceed the specified NFPA bailout loads.
With the tripod comes a chain that is pulled through the feet, which, in addition to helping the head, also does not spread the legs of the tripod.
The chain is insensitive to acids and chemicals, in contrast to nylon straps and ropes, for example.
The legs are sectioned at 5” in height.
A safe load data chart is provided with each tripod.
Brackets are also available for mounting the most popular winches.