The original and still the best choice for confined spaces, great heights or technical rescue and traditional land rescue, the Sked stretcher features a revolutionary design that provides the patient with continued protection and security.
The sked stretcher is equipped for horizontal winching by helicopter, vertical winching in caves or for recovery from industrial bottlenecks.
As soon as the patient has been wrapped, the “stretcher” is used.
The durable plastic provides protection for the patient while being retrieved from various narrow positions.
The stretcher is rolled up for storage in a sturdy Cordura backpack, which is included in the scope of the system.
The system comes with a weight of 19 lbs and includes most requirements.
Currently only available in Olive Green for military, special forces and other tactical situations.
The SK-200 Sked® Basic Rescue System comes with:

SK-201 The Sked® Stretcher
SK-202 Cordura backpack
SK-203 Horizontal Lift Slings (pair)
SK-204 Sked® Tow Strap
SK-205 Removable Webbing Handles
SK-206 Steel Locking ‘D’ Carabiner
SK-207 Sked® Vertical Lift Sling

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