The Complete Rescue System combines the Sked® Basic Rescue System (SK-200), the Oregon Spine Splint II (SK-300), and the Sked® Foam Flotation System (SK-600) into a single money-saving package.
The entire system combines to form a unit that can be carried as a backpack.
With this system, you are able to carry out an emergency rescue on land, water or air!
All packaged together in a 9″ diameter by 36″ long tubular backpack (identical to that of the SK-200) with Oregon Spine Splint II stowed inside.
This military variant includes the SK-600A Inflatable Flotation System.
All accessories can be stored in the two pockets on the outside.
The SK-800 are identical to the SK-800-OR and SK-800-GR except the foam float and 15 lb ballast bag have been replaced with self-inflating floats and an empty ballast bag.
The military version is an excellent choice to keep the weight down.
The SK-800 Sked® Complete Rescue System comes with:

SK-201-GR The Sked® stretcher
SK-202 Cordura backpack
SK-203 Horizontal risers (pair)
SK-204 Sked® towing tape
SK-205 Removable carrying straps
SK-206-B D steel carabiner
SK-207-GR Sked® Vertical Lifeline


It would be helpful to place the Sked on winched Medivac/Casevac helicopters for rescuing the wounded in difficult terrain when there is no chance of landing. Light squads in particular cannot carry the additional weight.

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Confined Space Rescue


Air Mission Afghanistan