The Tactical Sked was required by operational experience. It weighs 3.5kg, with all accessories it weighs a total of only 4.5kg with a packass of 57.2 cm long and 17.8 cm wide.

It comes in Coyote Brown and has quick-release Cobra buckles. There is a strap diagonally across the chest to hold the patient in when it is turned over. Other skeds don’t need it because they are more.

When rolled up the Tactical Sked is 17.8cm in diameter and 57.2cm in length. Secured to your backpack, you can easily walk through a door without the stretcher getting in the way. Made from the same tough plastic as all Skedco products, extremely durable on all terrains.

Accessories include: a pair of horizontal lifting slings, a steel carabiner to secure the ends of the slings together for lifting into a helicopter, and a towing sling for hands-free dragging.

The backpack is 61 cm long and 17.8 cm in diameter. Well strapped, the Tactical Sked keeps the patient’s body straight and fixed in position. The stretcher will not bend in the middle. The curve of the splint around the body creates an anatomical splint around the legs and torso. It is truly the most versatile of all lightweight stretchers.

System includes: SK-245 Tactical Sked Stretcher
SK-247-CB Cordura Backpack
SK-203-GR Horizontal Risers
SK-206-B SMC Lite Carabiner
SK-204 Tow Line