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Security Consulting

Our Security consulting service is tailored to help your organization improve its security posture and reduce the risk of security breaches.


Our Security consultants are experts in identifying vulnerabilities and threats, and they provide recommendations and strategies to mitigate those internal and external threats to security.


Our service is limited only to physical security at the moment, in order to best serve you in this one area of expertise.

We Conduct risk assessments to identify areas of vulnerability in your security system, and help your organisation develop security policies and procedures.
We also Provide manpower training and awareness programs for your employees.


In addition, we help to conduct penetration testing and vulnerability assessments, while reviewing and recommending improvements to your security infrastructure.


Our team of experts are trained in military and civilian defence protocols, and will provide guidance on regulatory compliance requirements in this regard.


We also help in damage control, by investigating security incidents and assisting with incident response.

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